Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Party Like It's 1999


Flower Power

“One of the greatest mistakes in life is to live as if you fear your mistakes.”

Sunday, August 29, 2010


"The first serious yoga class was a similar wake-up call. How was I going to live the rest of this one wonderful life? What was my personal responsibility if I wanted to be as healthy, strong, flexible, and life positive as possible? Thus, my commitment to yoga."
-Yoga Journal Magazine

I have just recently realized the importance of yoga. Currently I am in volleyball season so that with school becomes quite a lot but I recently bought, "Moving Toward Balance: 8 Weeks of Yoga with Rodney Yee." I am going to hold off until my season is done but it is a program for 8 weeks, 6 days a week that guides you through different poses. I have read the beginning intro and will definitely share some of it with you! I'm really excited for that, and I am going to commit to Hot Yoga classes twice a week. There are so many benefits of yoga that have been advertised that I hope to truly get in touch with my inner self.

Good Morning, Chamillionaire

Cameron Diaz

"I have simple needs," says Cameron.
"It's all about food, wine, friends and love."