Saturday, March 20, 2010

Remember Me

I just got back from the movie, "Remember Me." Loooved it. First of all, I did nottt expect it to end the way it did. Second of all, it reinforced three ideas in my head...
  1. No second, minute, or day is guaranteed so do what you want and TAKE RISKS...It's okay to have dessert before dinner!
  2. Good can be found in all bad. Get through the pain but try and find the positive in a negative situation.
  3. Value those important in your life. You never now how long they will be with you.
P.S. I also realized another thing. I don't see enough movies. Going to the theater is one of my fav things to do. I want to start becoming more culturally aware of the movies that are out. Seriously there is something to be learned from each of them and I can find inspiration in each one. One of my goals: see every Academy Award nominee movie for next year! YES YES YESSSS.

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