Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just let me dream

4 Reasons To Sleep More
Why You Need More Sleep Tonight

Skimping on shut-eye has the potential to be deadly: "Chronic sleep debt raises your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity," says Dr. Emsellem. Your immune system is compromised too, "so you're more susceptible to catching every virus that comes along."

Though your body shuts down, your brain buzzes with activity as you sleep. That's when it sorts, processes, consolidates, and stores the masses of information you absorbed during the day. "Sleep is crucial for learning, cognition, memory, and performance," says Dr. Epstein. In fact, a Harvard study showed that adults who got a good night's sleep performed 44 percent better on a memory test 12 hours later, compared with those who stayed awake.

Recent research reveals "a very close relationship between insufficient sleep and the inability to lose or stabilize weight," says Dr. Emsellem. A likely reason: Sleep debt interferes with the function of hormones that regulate how efficiently the body burns fat.

Harvard scientists have found that after trying a new motor task -- playing a piano minuet, doing an aerobics routine -- a good night's rest solidifies what you've learned, making it easier and more automatic the next day. "Studies show that your brain replays the same sequences during the night," explains Dr. Emsellem. "The next day, you just know the moves -- it's no longer a conscious act."

Also, a few years ago my mom got me a stack of Tavis Smiley's Empowerment Cards for Inspired Living and every so often I'm gonna share some with you...

*CRY when you need to:
Whether it's behind closed doors or in the arms of a confidant--cry. Relieve your mind, body, and soul of built-up pressure, pain, and stress. Heal yourself with your tears.

*LISTEN to understand:
When you give others your individed attention, you not only hear what they're saying, but you also hear God speaking to you through them. Stop listening to respond. Listen to understand.

*create to CONNECT:
Your dream is bigger than you are. It's the creative force of God. Create your dream life, then send it out into the world to make a difference.

(info on sleep om fitness; images from ffffound)


  1. LOVE this post...
    for the final quotes, and i'm always prepared for a new excuse to sleeeep.



  2. seriously....why can't my bedroom look like these!?! I could crawl into one of those beds right now and sleep for DAYS!
    Nice blog you got here...will be back to read more later!



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