Friday, June 18, 2010

John Bambrick

This year in Amnesty International at school, a man named John Bambrick, and he gave us 26 tips but here are a few of my fav...

1. Pray: Spend time (every day or week) in prayer. This can be done in silence, listening to music, reading scripture, journaling, just looking at nature, having a conversation with God/Jesus, and in many other ways. All the great leaders (MLK, Dorothy Day, Gandhi, Jesus, Thomas Merton, Cesar Chavez, the Saints, etc.) all had regular prayer lives and their action stemmed from their prayer lives

5. Work for social justice...find ways to create a world where it is easy for everyone to be good.

9. Go to thrift stores and commit to not buying anything new for a period of time outside of food and medicine.

10. Use your despair and anger (whenever you despair or are angry about the world), use that despair and anger as a way to transform the situation instead of to withdraw from it.

11. EXPERIMENT: make your life (like Gandhi's) a series of experiments with Truth.

12. Question Authority. Jesus did.

15. Seek out someone who you know is lonely or hurting and befriend them. Welcome them into your group of friends.

18. You are me and I am you...try that with people who seem different than you.

19. We are all one, we are all connected.

21. Always remember that everyone has a piece of the truth and the untruth.

24. Be the change that you want to see in the world. Gandhi was a big advocate for this.

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