Sunday, June 20, 2010


As I've mentioned before, I'm an only child. On top of  that me and my parents aren't that close with their families, there's a lot of crazy issues around. Thankfully, I've surrounded myself with great friends. I'm also very thankful for our neighborhood. As cheesy as that sounds, we are very close with five other fams in our hood. We have all grown up together, and some of them seem more like sisters to me. Yesterday, I was with some of the Bellair girls and their cousins and of course they were more than glad to dress-up so I could practice some of my photog stills. Love them!

they all styled themselves
THANKS girls...
gigi, ellie, amelia, & may may

"I have a dress-up chest at home. I love to create this fantasy kind of thing."
-Kate Moss

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  1. your pictures are soo good, i love them! keep it up!! ohh and those girls are so cute!


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