Friday, June 18, 2010

Just some people I know...

"A friend leaves a warm bed on a rainy night to dole out two consecutive boxes of Kleenex. Picks up the phone even though there are only a few minutes to spare. Skips Friday night dinner plants to shake up the ultimate 'I hate him' martini. A friend brings ice cream.

Sometimes we qualify them: high school friend, college friend, best friend, family friend, work friend, acquaintance. Yet, no matter how you find them, a friend makes the world a much brighter place. A true friendship will survive disagreements, new jobs, new relationships, family insanity, and moves across the country. It transcends any distance, any timeline, any lifestyle.

True friends are the family we choose."
-from the book "How to Be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life", by Melissa Hellstern
That quote puts friendship into better words than I've ever heard it before and explains these girls better than anyone could.  These girls honestly are the best. Growing up is filled with ups and downs but it really is those that are with you when the times are both good and bad that matter most. I can't tell you then amount of times that we have called each other crying about one thing or another, and no matter what I can count on every single one of these girls to listen.

I'm an only child, which totally sucks. And on top of that my parent's families both have their fair share of issues and drama. I love them and care about them but honestly I really don't like being around all of their bad vibes, it just doesn't make me happy. That's why the last line of that quote is so important to me, "True friends are the family we choose." That is so true for me. My deepest, biggest fear is that I will be alone, without any family. I know though, that my friends will always, always be there for me. I don't think anyone knows me better than these girls do, and we treat each other more like sisters than friends. Yelling or snapping at each other, doesn't mean a fight. We get over it in 30 seconds and everything is back to normal.

I can  always count on these girls to make me laugh. Laughing is so important because I am the most happy when I laugh. I don't know anyone else funnier than any of these people, and we pee our pants laughing ALL the time. My true hope is that everyone can find friends like I have because I wouldn't change any of my friendships for the world. They all mean more to me than anyone will ever know.

Love you guys!
Keels, Meliss, Lans, Ahlex H, and Paige

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